Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sea Otter STXC - Check Engine Light

Well, today it rained as expected. They cancelled tons of races due to the sleet that was coming down but they didn't cancel the Pro races. After getting the venue 2 hours early, being greeted at the Titus tent with a mud floor that was like quick sand, changing tires to a smaller very spaced out knobby, getting the Magura brakes realigned to fit the new disc wheel set, setting up my trainer IN the actual Titus trailer to shield myself from the wind and cold and then putting on more layers of clothing..... I was ready to warm up. Whew....finally hugh?
I got a good warm up in but wasn't feeling the love. At the start line I was battling the evil thoughts that were going around in my head which can be one of the worst things you have to deal with. The short track course was Mud-EE. But nothing like last year. I guess I am trying to say that there was none of this (see pic) from me this year so all of you can just put this lovely picture that you have posted on walls, screen savers and all the rest (you KNOW who you are) TO REST! Ha ha!

Unfortunately I just wasn't fast and feeling the snap today during the race. It was simply the engine -my check engine light had come on and was flashing by the end of the race. I slopped it in for a 20th place which 2 years ago I would have been elated with. Now, not so much but I have to move on get ready for the Cross Country race tomorrow. It is supposed to get sunny again and have high winds.

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