Monday, May 31, 2010

Intermountain Cup #6 - Draper, UT

I have been waiting a long time to feel like I did in today's race. It was one of those "no chain" days. Wow, I live for those. I think its been about 1.5 years (right before the parents got super sick) since I have felt the love like that in a race. I felt like ME again. I had the fire, the punch and the power!!!! All the stars were aligned for me to come away with another win.

The race course was 1,100 feet elevation gain per lap and we did 3 laps on a extremely nice and mild day on awesome singletrack. I hope there are more race courses and days like this!

Afterwards the wind picked up enough that Chris could go Kiteboarding with a bunch of buddies in Deer Creek Reservoir.

The kiteboarding launch area

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