Saturday, April 28, 2007


What a hot day in the saddle at 86 degrees but I loved every minute of it. It was 100+ degrees in the tent I was "warming up"....(why????) in because there was no breeze in there-youch that's gotta hurt.

The STXC course was actually pretty long at around 3 minutes a lap. It started with a flat and windy ATV width road, U turned up a quick gradual hill, flattened out and then sent you on a few super dusty "S" turns on your way back down and through the start/finish area. The day went pretty solid for me coming in 8th with a group that were all contending for the last spot on the podium!! Why not me? Why wasn't I able to pull that one off? Not sure because I was feeling good but apparently so were the other gals! Talk about being on the rivet the whole time too. Wow I love that feeling. Why am I so sick and twisted like that? Anyway, no excuses but it was darn fun and a good race for me and fun race to watch for Chris who was there yet again to support me at every corner.

Right now he is racing his Super D up there while I am blogging from the couch prepping the legs for tomorrows XC race. I am hoping for some good news here soon from him.

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