Sunday, May 6, 2007


Ahhhh. I was able to redeem myself today to come in 10th in the Short Track race. I gave it my all and told myself nothing but a Top 10 today lady. It is amazing what a bad result does to your head. You suddenly think that it's the end of the world, the end of your career and that you have no fitness anymore. NOT TRUE. Get on with it and just go out there and do it!

Today wasn't without a few heart rate fluctuations right before the race though. As I was warming up on the course (because our trainer broke yesterday) I discovered that my seat post was pivoting a good 30 degrees. Lovely. So I had to make a quick decision to either forgo a good warm up and replace the seat post or just cross my fingers and hope that nothing bad happens during the race (like having it fall off.....). I decided I would be way too stressed out not doing the rest of my warm up and instead watching someone take my bike apart only minutes before the race. It was a toss up decision for sure......warm up well, have the seat break=race over....forgo warm up, have working saddle and then you aren't ready to race. I chose the risky one of warm up well and HOPE the seat stays on and it did.

Today the field was once again stacked with former Olympians, National Champions, World Champions and then good ole me from good ole Heber City, UT. I had my work cut out for me right off the bat. In the short 30 minute race of a max all out effort I ended up working with a group of 4 ladies vying for positions 7th-10th. I had an evil plan to just sit on the back of my group (which I did) because there was a super strong headwind. From there I was planning on attacking on the last lap on the most painful uphill section of the 3 minute loop. Once there and in position on the last lap I unfortunately was already maxed out as the pace was extremely high. Oh well, at least I HAD a plan.

So right now we are driving to a place called Cottonwood Cove which sits on Lake Mohave where some of my family owns a place and are kindly letting us stay. And, after some training tomorrow we will be headed home!! I haven't been home in a month now and I am excited to get back and see everyone again. I promise to bring some sun with me because it sounds like you guys need it!!!

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