Friday, April 4, 2008

NMBS #2 Super D - Fountain Hills, AZ

Holy fast and furious Super D Time Trial course! Wow. It was big ring the entire way on the hills and all. Here the synapses of my race:

1.5 hour warm up (start was late)
lungs were writhing in pain but good
no bobbles
18 minutes of agony
legs felt super good
perfect tire pressure
great passes
singletrack straight into fireroad
super fast corners
heart rate pegged at 180-186 the entire way
lots of fast/flat dh with little uphill
big ring action maxed
sandy washes
barfing at the finish (not me)
heat stroke (I am going to guess) at the start (not me)
wind pipe felt like someone poured acid down it after
god I love this sport!!
no I am not kidding!

And all that got me a whopping 11th place. Dang darn it!!! Oh well. I could have done nothing more or less. It was an all out effort and that is were it stands. The winner (Georgia Gould/Luna) was 30 seconds up from me meaning each place after that was separated by precious seconds. But we all knew that is the way a short effort is and that is why you come with game face on ready to snatch each 1/5 of a second when possible.

Short Track tomorrow late afternoon.

Sorry no pics- I guess I was doing something else :)


Patricia Sherwin said...

Both Sherwins doing the Super D this year! I know this was Chris's area of expertise. Let's hope the Super D is a podium event for both of you.


Dans Fontucky oui.

Ici dans Fountain Hills non.

I felt like writing some French there for whatever reason.

Good to hear from you!