Sunday, December 16, 2007

US Cross Nationals - Kansas City, KS

Hi guys and gals. Rippen' day for me from a back row start. Got to 6th place which I would have held on to coming into the last lap but instead fate gave me a flat front tire (or I somehow gave me a flat front tire........don't want to blame it on fate). At that point I ended up needing to run 3/4 of the lap to the tech zone because it happened right AFTER the tech zone on the 3rd of 4 laps. Once there I got a fresh Kona bike and made a few passes with 1/2 a lap to go. Think maybe I ended up 15th ish despite the horrendous flat. What a day. Here is (what was the) live report from the Elite Women's race with the happenings of KS (this time that means me and not Kansas!)More later.

Need to shower. Yeah, good idea don't you think? :)

Only, I, Kathy Sherwin, can manage to get a photo right by the words "butt". Geez.

PS. At first I thought that was a rip in my trousers but it is just my saddle. Holy toledo bat man that wouldn't have been too cool if it had been me shorts!

Nothing like frozen mud ruts to test out your bike handling skills.A smile on my face at the finish despite my misfortune. Such is racing.

Telling Fox about my woes of the day. BTW-Nice SHORTS. It is HOW cold?? My goodness.

The Start of the Elite Women's Race:
Chris Magerl from SLC blasting our bikes with H20 each lap. Pit crews work harder than the rider in these races and without them you can be........well....let's just say....screwed. I think here I have been partying already.

The barriers were supposed to be in this section but they took them out.

Back at host housing enjoying some authentic Kansas City BBQ oh ya..... and a beer. That is right people, a beer. I have to drown my sorrows from the day somehow. :) And no, all 3 plates aren't mine but maybe I will go for it.


StupidBike said...

Kathy, you kick ass.

Genericyclist said...

16th in ass conditions! Not too shabby! Without a flat, top 10! Damn, missy! More people quit than kicked that much ass this weekend! Be proud!

CT at BC

Anonymous said...

You rock girlfriend!!! I think you got it all figured out...still smiling after a mishap.

flahute said...

At least Fox has tights/leg-warmers on under his short. Santa Fox (at the UTCX finals) was bare-legged.

Anonymous said...

You're awesome Kathy!!


Kathy Sherwin said...

Thanks for all the nice comments you guys. It helps me more than you know since I am still in the dumps about what happened. Thanks for taking the time to comment.