Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sea Otter XC - Total Turnaround

After my Short Track race yesterday I felt like a weight was sitting on me. For that matter, I felt like that during the Short Track Race too. I spent most of the late after noon and evening yesterday laying in bed thinking I was getting sick. I was so tired and fatigued that it even took me hours to get out of bed to finally turn on hot water to make pasta. I even felt slightly guilty eating all that I did yesterday in preparation for today's race because I really thought I may wake up ill and wouldn't be racing today. And if that was the case I would have an extra pound of weight on me that wouldn't be coming off in a race. Oh no!!

As it turned out, I woke up and wasn't sick but I will say I didn't feel like myself. I didn't even feel like there was race that was about to happen. For the 38 mile Cross Country race today the sun came out and so did the winds. Here is the synopsis: 3 hours of pain, 3100 calories burned, no crashes, no mechanicals and a hot first lap had me up in 9th place. But unfortunately halfway through the second lap got the best of me and I grudgingly surrendered 3 spots coming in 12th. Not bad considering all the ripping gals that were here to contest this semi international event. I am happy with the effort but never completely satisfied because I always want better.

When I crossed the line I thought I was going to barf. And actually now that I am writing about it I do remember barfing during the race. Don't worry all you squeamish folk out there, its not like it was pizza or lasagna coming up it. Just pure liquid since that is the only thing in your system along with tons of energy gels. But because my mouth was open, the wind was whipping and it came on soooo fast I didn't have to deal with it at all. Hmmmm....maybe that is how I got the gap on the gal behind me. Just kidding.

My system has been out of sorts up until this very moment (race ended at 3:30pm). Stomach ache, nausea, cold chills, achey everything and flat out fatigue were just some of the ways my body was choosing to ask me what the heck I did that to it for? My answer- I did it because it was fun!

We our heading down 101 South right now. Destination is Santa Barbara where we will be surfing and riding for the next few weeks waiting for the next NMBS race to take place. Life is rough sometimes but someone has to do it. WAS rough today. Owe.

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StupidBike said...

Nice race Kathy, I think i just threw up a little.