Saturday, November 22, 2008

NACT #7 - Southampton, NY

Well that pretty much blew Popsicle sticks. I sucked. I suppose waking up completey sobbing because you are so totally drained and exhausted didn't help the matter. But as a pro athlete you have to set that stuff aside and just go out there and do it. And I tried but it was definitely one of those days that you would rather not even be on your bike.

I certainly had moments of thinking I shouldn't start the race today because I was so exhausted I wasn't sure I could navigate my bike and stay upright. And like I said before, this course required technical skills.

It was butt a%# cold today. 20 degrees while "warming up" and the wind chill put us in the teens during the race. I actually wore my baklava (Chris makes fun of me for calling it that) during the race!!!! I looked like a total tool but it got the job done.

The wind on the way to the race was creating WAVES!!!!

I lined up on the line in a complete haze really and truly wondering how my body was going to cope with me trying to race on no sleep since I left Utah 10 days ago. I really did try to put that aside but it just wasn't happening for me today. I was sluggish off the line and had one speed the entire race. If you passed me you passed me and I wasn't chasing because I couldn't. I just wanted to go to bed the whole race. I pushed through it for 10th place but when you are mathematically in the running for winning a series, 10th blows.

Sag Harbor as seen from the car window......just get me to bed!!

Kathy need serious sleepy.

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