Friday, November 21, 2008

Southampton, NY Course Pre-Ride

After a huge night of sleeping in Amy and I got on the road once again with the final destination of host housing in Sag Harbor, NY. She and I were like Batman and Robin taking names all the way to Southampton with are finely tuned navigation skills....well until we actually tried to find the house.

Once in the area where host housing was, Googlemaps took us to a dirt road that wasn't the road the house was on. Hmmmm?? We drove around for about 30 minutes and begged Amy's GPS to work before we finally stopped the UPS guy. UPS people are always a good bet when you are lost and he got us right to the house no problem thank heavens!

Driving around Sag Harbor looking for our housing. Surprisingly there were tons of trees. Don't know why I didn't expect that.

Ahhhhhhh, we found it!!!

Upon arrival we were completely in love with the house we were going to be staying in. Dennis and Sinead, friends of Anna's, were kind enough to let us show them just how ridiculous a bike racers life if they don't really know - they are crazy crazy active!!!! Oh yeah, thanks Amy for the pics. hee hee.

They built their house ground up in Sag. Cool stairs eh?
So we unpacked chaotically, got in our riding gear, jumped back in the rental car and met Anna M at the rental car return place (thanks so much Anna!). Then it was another transfer of our junk into Anna's car with our next stop the Southampton course. I think by the time I got into Anna's car I was zonked. No more energy to do much of anything.

Anna drove us to the course while I was in total in la la land with all the travel we had been doing. It has been a crazy time back east with lots and lots and lots and lots of coordinating things (logistically) ourselves. It was taking a toll on me.

There were only a few riders pre-riding the dry course in the cold today but getting a few laps in was vital for figuring out where things were and what pressure you should run. Too bad I didn't feel like doing any of it. I was exhausted and wanting to just curl up in the car instead. Not a great way to feel the day before a pretty big race but that was my reality.

The course was really mountain bike-ee with some singletrack up in the wood sections that you would weave in and out of. The rest of the course was flat open grass areas. Some of the sections really required some good bike skills which was super fun and challenging! There was also one really steep section that started out as a bumpy off camber. Getting up that thing was gonna be interesting in the race as I would rather ride it than run it....but we all know that depending on who is in front of you and what line they take and how THEY go about getting up that thing dictates what you are able to do. Should be good stuff tomorrow!

So all in all it is a super fun course, but mustering up the energy to tackle it fully was going to take everything I had from within.....I am running on empty. Perfect timing for 2 races this weekend.

Some of the off camber course going into and out of the woods

Flat sections of the course

The area the course is in

Far side of the course

The main side of the course by the Red Bull tent we get to ride through.

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