Saturday, March 31, 2007

NMBS #1 STXC - I Finally Did It!

I made the podium tonight in the Short Track!!! I made the break of 4 women (out of about 70 plus women I believe) and was able to stay on wheels to maintain my position to come in 4th. After the race I think I have had every emotion......I have had the biggest grin I could possibly muster up and I have been on the verge of sweet and happy tears. It has been a lot of work and sacrifice getting to this point and it has paid off this evening.

Kentucky Bob and Lortab Man (Blake) were my support crew tonight so a BIG thanks to those guys for shuffling trainers around, filling my water bottles, checking on start times, constantly checking on me during warm up to make sure I was ok, etc. Those are good buddies right there. Bob even called my husband (who had to stay back in Utah this weekend) DURING the short track race to give him the play by play of what was going down. I wish SO BAD that my husband, Chris, could have been there to cheer me on and see it for himself because he has been THE reason I am where I am. Without his support all these years I don't know where I would be but it probably wouldn't be fourth.

I have to say the best part of all this is HOW happy everyone else was for me. That was cool getting the solid "you did it" hug left and right. People know how much I have put into this apparently and to have such good friends from Utah and all over the country that are so happy for you is just amazing. You would have thought I won the lottery or something but to me, I did.

I have stuffed down as much recovery food as I possibly can and I now NEED get this stinky jersey off and get a shower. Tomorrow is the XC race. More details on tonight's race tomorrow morning because if you think everything went perfectly well leading up to this....think again...

Friday, March 30, 2007

And So It Begins

A day at the races just isn't normal unless someone forgets something. Thanks to Pilling that void was filled after I got the call that he had left his helmet at his hotel. Big oops when you are racing the Time Trial in a few hours and you are already at the venue. I got Brad a helmet and then he promptly made up for his minor blunder by winning. Nice work Brad!!

Some Pro Women did the Time Trial today but most seemed to be saving their legs for the STXC tomorrow night (I fell into this category). Yep, I said, tomorrow NIGHT. At 7:30pm the STXC get rolling under the street lights of Fountain Hills. Sounds like more a Fat Tire crit to me but they are promising 1/2 dirt 1/2 pavement. We shall see.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

You don't have a Blog? Are you kidding?

So I am hanging out in Fountain Hills, AZ waiting patiently for the first norba national (NMBS it's now called) and have been convinced by Sly and Bob to GET A DARN BLOG already. Well, ok. I am and did and here it is for now...........

Yep, that's is a whole lot of nothing as I am heading to bed as a good little bike racer should at 11:30 at night. What can I say. I love staying up late.