Saturday, November 1, 2008

NACT #5 - Boulder, CO

The Boulder Reservoir where the race was.

Everyone is entitled to a bad day on the bike but mine started out as a bad night last night. My stomach was on the rocks from then on into today's race. I wasn't throwing up or anything but my tummy was less than happy when I woke up this morning. If I had to guess I would guess that my stomach was unhappy with my food choices last night unfortunately (a burrito). Sounded good at the time, seemed good, was good but my tummy had other ideas. This morning I couldn't even eat all of my pre race breakfast and had to throw it out! Unheard of! Luckily this wasn't some 3 hour mountain bike cross country race!

And when I got in the car to get to the venue I knew things weren't good still and that sucked. I put it in the back of my head and just went along my merry way as if all were well. Is that what you call game face? Perhaps.

Got a more than stellar warm up in and felt good leg wise. And, after all of us nearly missing our call up because not enough time was given in between races for ONE lap.... which most of us did not complete (because we could hear announcers starting the call up!!!) the race started. I started strong but my throw up levels were considerably lower than normal (by about 10 - 20 beats per minute!) and I just could not push through that at all. So instead everyone else just pushed through me as they made their way to the front. Dang!!!!

That is how it goes sometimes and this would be a good example of the race day picking me instead of me picking my race day. I told myself this during the race and tried to remind myself that I needed to push through with no if ands or buts. So I did and that set me up for an 8th place or so which I am not thrilled about.

What I am thrilled about is that I stuck with it, tricked my head during the race, and was able to finish. I even came up with small goals during the race to satisfy the urge to actually complete something successfully.... like riding the whole backside of the course which was a super long sand pit. That was something I was successful a few times at!

Still feeling sick after the race and practically doubled over, I decided to just have plain rice for dinner but to still go to dinner with the team. We sat outside and I got a bit cold so I grabbed some newspaper to cover myself with which made me look like a nerd!

Halfway through dinner, Kari was putting on her second layer of clothing to fight the cold weather and when she did she knocked her hand into the waitress who had a tray FULL of glasses and plates.

That is Diana (our awesome host for the weekend) looking at Kari with dismay. Ha ha!!

Glass went everywhere.


Let's see what my tummy brings to the table tomorrow! Cross your fingers because I have done my best to clear the system completely.

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