Saturday, March 1, 2008

Intermountain Cup #1 - St. George, UT

It was great! Every class including the Pro Women had extra competition this weekend. My extra competition came from CO....."that Emmett!!" :) I finally caught up with her after I crossed the finish line a few minutes back to come in 2nd. Ha ha.

It was great that she was there because I pushed and pushed even though I thought I may not be able to because I have been feeling so toasty lately. And, the best news was that I was 8 minutes faster than last year (same course)!! Wow. Ok....I will take that for sure! I was around a 31 minute lap this year compared to a 34 minute lap last year. Yes!

Bob S had a great day in his new 40+ class coming in around 5th. Bart G. won with a huge group of around 20 guys including Travis Brown and Troy Wells.
Still waiting on Warrens report. I saw him before the race.
As for the very impressive off the couch Chris, DJ and Ty came in 17th (Expert), 6th (Pro) and 5th (Expert 19-29) .
As for the new kid on the block from St. George, Gary with Red Rock Bicycles....he won his Beginner class by 6 minutes in his first race ever. Nice.
Kelly Glenn, came in 10th ish in the Sport class WITH A FLAT. Way to keep it moving!
Jen Hanks knee held up after tons of Physical Therapy these last months to come in 4th in Pro Women.
Danny with Red Rock Bicycles came in 3rd in Sport.
Jennie Wade decided to listen to her body and not race-she's been hacking a lung lately. So instead she took nice control over the feed zone and fed us! Thanks a ton Jennie!!
B. Newby was psyched with his day too faring quite well in the Expert Mens race.

We all got together after the race and invaded Cafe Rio and now we are all off to do jello shots at Danny's. Kidding. Well......we will see. Ha!

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