Sunday, June 3, 2007

MTB Race-Teva Mountain Games

Yesterday went well. At the start of the race there was a threat of rain with some thunder and a lightening bolt or two but it didn't manifest into anything. Earlier in the day we got some rain which left some of the course a bit muddier than when I pre-rode but nothing that my Kenda Small Blocks couldn't handle. My climbing was on par with my sweet feather light Titus Eleven taking me up 4500 vertical feet total in 2 hours. After duking it out bouncing from 2nd - 5th I ended up coming in after Shonny V. and then Katie Compton. I won a $1000 too!! THAT is what I am talking about! I can eat now!!

Right before the race there was a mix up of numbers which left us looking for Ned Overend and him looking for us as I had his numbers and he had mine. What the heck?! Why is this not up to registration to figure out and not me and Ned? Don't know but we took care of it. There always has to be something before every race and that was it this time around.

After the race I saw Floyd Landis and he had a bunch probably what were guards and entourage around him but no one else. So I thought what the heck I am going to go introduce myself. Why not? So I did and he mentioned something about me almost passing him in the race (the Pro Men started 3 min. ahead of Pro Women). It's gotta be tough mentally to go from winning the Tour to participating in your first bike race almost a year later and come in 45th or so. Sitting in the court room too much I guess. He was cool though and really nice. I thanked him for coming out to the races because that just makes it big for all of us.

I think our Ultimate Challenge team is going well too with Nikki Kelly winning her Down River Sprint yesterday. Today the rest of our team does the Trail Run (Adam Chase) and then the Road Climb (Jenny Smith). Should go well since we have a strong team and even if it doesn't (go well) I am just happy to help them out.

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