Monday, June 4, 2007

Fruita, CO

I understand now what people are talking about when they talk about riding in Fruita, CO. Uh-Maze-Zing. If you haven’t gone make plans to go. You are missing out on some of the greatest singletrack out there with lots and lots of smooth fast hard pack singletrack. Rustlers Loop even has little signs throughout it with bike tips like “Get Off Your Butt”, “Ride Don’t Slide”, “Danger Cliff” (who is that Cliff guy anyway?), “Keep A Loose Grip”. That was cool to see because it is a great thing for those learning to ride.

We saw a total of about 20 different rabbits darting across the trail too. They would then sit still as if we didn’t see them while we rode by. Is that where the term “Dumb Bunny” comes from? Again, wildlife is cool, as long as they are scared of YOU but if a pack of rabbits came at me with their long teeth I think I would have a heart attack.

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ccm said...

Greeting's Kathy and Steve, my name is curt morlock from Henderson Nevada and we rode at fruita togeother. Thanks for a fun ride. All the best . Oh, I rode Brian Head for three hours today from bottom to top and then some, but never saw a soul. I was going to camp, but it was too creepy being so alone.