Sunday, November 22, 2009

Florida Cyclocross - Clermont, FL

We found hills in Florida!! Today's race was completely different than yesterdays because it was all hill. We started were I took this picture and went up to the top towards that tower on the left every lap.

Today the women started on the line again with the Junior Men but this time the Junior boys were after it and gave me a run for my $$. What a blast!

We were going back and forth the entire race with each other. It was perfect training! I won the Womens A but got beaten by one of the juniors. That kid was fast!

Hills and off camber turns!

And, just like yesterday, afterwards, Chris and I headed to Cocoa Beach so he could Kiteboard. We took a wrong turn and then another and kept having to pay tolls just to turn around.

But once at the beach finally I dropped him off up wind and picked him up a few hours later a few miles down the beach.

While waiting for him I started chewing on an apple. At first I was all alone hanging out, then one seagull arrived....

Then another... and another...and soon after that I was surrounded! Did they really want my apple of all things? They can forget about it!

Ok, racing is done so Chris and I can officially start the vacation!

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