Sunday, July 22, 2007

US Short Track MTB National Championships - Mount Snow, VT

There is not much I can say about today except I was super surprised at my poor result. Bike racing is so weird sometimes. Sometimes you kill it and other times you don't, sometimes you feel good and sometimes you don't. You can be overworked, you can be under worked, you can be fit but stressed mentally, you can have great days for no reason and you can just have a bad days for no reason. And I had a bad day for no particular reason. Was it my training that I did in between the 2 races? Was it all the running back and forth to and from the venue? Did I not sleep well enough? Did I not eat right? Was I not hydrated? Was I stressed? Was I not fully recovered from Friday's Cross Country? I could go on and on with the "I wonders" but truthfully I will never know what happened and will only be able to guess which its not worth doing because at a certain point you have to let it go and move on. What I do know is that I am fit, my training is going super stellar and I am still having fun doing this. That is what I know.

Here is a picture of me smiling before one of the not so stellar races this weekend. No worries guys. I am still smiling right now. This bike racing this is all good if you can keep it all in perspective especially when you need to. I know what I am capable of, I have had a GREAT season thus far and this is just a bump in the path to victory.

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