Tuesday, July 24, 2007


We are in the process of doing the "SS" (please refer to July 18th entry) again here in Boston, MA as we ready ourselves and bikes for the race in Banner Elk, North Carolina this weekend. This time though I have had to go and beg a local bike shop to bleed my brakes that need to be worked on in a big way. Great brakes but they need maintenance at the moment. I road with them like they are (they don't engage until the lever almost touches the grip) in the Short Track on Sunday and I will not do that again if I don't have to. So ya, I am pro bike racer getting my stuff worked on at a shop down the street because no one was able to do it at the Mount Snow venue. What the??? But after that I get to train, send my extra set of wheels back to Utah because we fly tomorrow and I am not taking my normal bag, a huge bike case, my purse, my backpack AND a flipping wheel box with me to North Carolina. Don't think so. So I have to get rid of the wheels and once that done I get to disassemble the bike for the plane. Lots and lots to do today. I think I am tired already. :)

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