Monday, April 30, 2007


If you would have told me during the first 30 minutes of the race that I was going to end up 12th I would have laughed. I was happily in 4th place reaping the benefits of all my hard training and work that I have been putting in when someone flicked a switch of some sort sending my stomach into a knot of horrible pain. Throwing up several times, GI trouble, tummy cramps, bloating and all the was as if someone had pumped my stomach full of air and then lit it on fire. I couldn't believe what was happening to me as I catapulted backward through the field. I was in utter misery and it was just the stomach- legs and lungs were groovy. I tried pushing through it and found out quickly enough that I had just gone into total survival mode. The harder I pushed the more it sent my stomach into an unbearable twisted knotted cramp so I went as hard as I could which wasn't that hard while bearing the pain of my stomach. The bumps and small pits that formed over the day on the trail just added to the immense pain that I had going on.

Tough times for sure especially when everything else is in place but I have to keep in mind that I came in 12th on an absolutely and positively miserable day. I have had the after affects of whatever was in my system all day today and haven't been too into the eating thing yet.

That said, I have Fontana to look forward to this coming weekend. I know my fitness is there so if I can just keep people from taking me out and keep my stomach in line I will be good. That is racing for you!

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