Saturday, October 11, 2008

CX Gran Prix of Gloucester #1-Gloucester, MA

Geez. I never knew that the Gloucester race was RIGHT on the water. Very cool.

We were met with sunny skies and warm air for the cyclocross race today which is unbelievable on the East Coast in late October.

The race course was fairly straight forward with one curvy sandpit that for me was best to run through and one set of barriers in the most awkward of spots:

imagine flat s turns
now imagine tipping those s turn up 40 degrees or so
imagine looser ground
imagine the barriers being in the middle of those turns on that 40 degree uphill.

you don't have any momentum, you have to get off before the turn to the barriers, then SHOULDER the bike because suitcasing it just takes to much out of you (me) on an angle like that.

It was tricky but doable and at race pace it was even trickier. I wasn't scared of it like I would have been last year though which was a nice feeling. And that is not to imply that I looked "good" going over those things. Certain laps I was chaotic trying to grab my downtube, not fall, not loose positions while simultaneously running over the barriers. WAY too much going on and so much to think about!

I got off to a slower start today which wasn't surprising to me for some reason. But I stuck in there mixing it up in the top 7. And as things went on I started feeling better but it was too late by then and Mo and I were left to duke it out for 6th place. I attacked with 2 laps to go but she responded by flying through the sand pits on by me with no effort at all. I sat, I waited, I planned and I jumped on the last lap and was able to hold it this time. Sloppy sixths.

But my team mate Amy D WON!!! That girl is on fire! Good on her. I remember riding with her at one point during the race today and then looking up a half a lap later and seeing her OFF the front with a gap and remember thinking.....where was I when she did this? There is always tomorrow right?!

This was her massive beer glass that she won - FULL of beer. That thing is as big as she is! Good thing she just turned 21 last month!

Sara did awsome today too. She got a last row call up, hasn't put in one VO2 effort for months, hasn't raced cross in YEARS and was top 15 easy before she had a fight with a bail of hay. But she still stuck it out for a top 20! Yeah!

After the race I got the tour of Josie Beggs and Andy Jacques Maynes home on wheels. It is a freakin' PALACE. Unbelievable.

Traffic on the way back to Boston. HEY!!!!!! That guy is going the wrong way!

Holy moon bat man. Does this mean I am not going to sleep tonight? Rats.

Nighty night- uh- er....I hope!

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