Friday, October 10, 2008

Be a Pro

That is what I told myself after making lunch plans for today. So I cancelled them after much ado to take care of racing details. After all I am here for racing, not going out lunch at some awesome place. So sad when you have to be a pro sometimes but I will make up for it next week when I have some extra time here in Boston.

So yeah, why is getting settled after travel sooooooooo difficult sometimes? Good lord. Well it didn't help that last night my computer charger DIED on me. That really sucked. So I had to head to the same computer shop in Boston that I went to a few years ago when I spilled coffee on my computer and was lucky enough to find a cord there. Why does this stuff only happened to me in Boston when I am gone? Ugh. What a pain.

So after coercing Sara to drive me everywhere in gods creation to find another computer cord I got the rental car returned, got unpacked/settled, got the bikes built and headed out for a sweet ride on my B bike.

The leaves were changing everywhere and Sara was my own personal guide. We went on a mix of trail and paved trail and had a blast although we were just putt-putting along.

We hit the Battle Road looking for reenactors but found none. That would have been cool to run into the Minutemen. Maybe next week.

And we saw incredible colors too.

We also hit the Minuteman Trail

Afterwards when we got back I decided to take the A bike out for a spin in effort to make sure all was well since the races start tomorrow. So I took her for a spin and something was waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy off. It felt like my chainrings were shaped funny or something and I could NOT figure it out. My pedal stroke was anything but smooth. Luckily Micheal, Sara's hub - bub is an awesome mechanic so I put his skills to the test.

derailleur - check
shifting - check
chain rings not loose - check
pedals ok - check
cracks in the frame - no

He then steps back and checks out the bike from a distance and says "OH MY GOD?!" and I freaked out thinking my bike had a catastrophic failure or something. But.....whoever last touched my bike had put the cranks on UNEVEN so when they were supposed to be facing straight up and down only ONE was straight down and the other was about 25 degrees off. Wow....that'll screw up your pedal stroke now won't it?

Reasons to ALWAYS check your bikes before you need them....always.

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