Thursday, October 9, 2008

Utah to Boston

After packing last night I was able to squeeze in a ride. Rode by Deer Creek Reservoir and saw Chris kite surfing with about 9 or 10 others in the water. The wind was whipping!

And stayed out long enough to check out the moon starting to form.

Then I only got a few hours sleep because for whatever reason I couldn't actually go to sleep when I tried to. That is lame when that happens. So after 5 or so hours of weird sleep I got up and started my LONG day heading back east.

Once I made it there (uneventfully and on time!) the first thing I noticed along the highway was the fall colors. Wowzers. Very cool. We get these kind of leaf changes in Heber but it isn't as vibrant and consistent as the colors here. It is gorgeous here. I have always heard about how beautiful it is during this time of year and people are right! Also, please note the BLUE 70 degree sky. Wow - lucked out with some sweet weather.

I then navigated my way to Sara's parents - they were having a massive Yom Kippur celebration tonight and I was invited! That was so nice of her family to include me. After eating peanuts all day I practically ate the house itself along with everyones leftovers though.

Tomorrow......return rental car, unpack all my junk, get settled, head to the grocery store, ride and get ready for the races this weekend.

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