Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sea Otter Classic - Short Track

I woke up this morning feeling groggy. That is just what you want to feel like on Short Track day let me tell you.

So I don't think I need to say much more than Ouch-eee that hurt. I haven't worked that hard for EIGHTH place in a long time. I suffered so bad and was just not feeling the love today. I am sad (or happy to say I guess) that I was in the lead group for most of the race until........I started getting tired and sloppy and one stupid oopsy daisy bobble left me losing contact with the lead group and in no mans land fighting for my life in the howling wind by myself. It was over at that point pretty much even though I kept fighting and not wanting to give up.............despite someone telling me after the race that they'd hate to see me give up AGAIN as they put it. AGAIN what? What are they talking about?

For the record I have never given up, EVER. Even when I am at the front alone and winning I GO HARD. The TWO times I DNF'd so far in my career of over 250 races?? Derailleur broke off back in 03 and then in 04 I started a race sicker than a dog, hacking a lung at the line and could feel it was getting worse the more I pushed during the race so I stopped.

Must I remind people that I raced with a dislocated rib cage for 6 months last year, ran my tail off at Cyclocross Nationals in Kansas City after I flatted, road a flat tire in at Sugar Mtn last year to get a wheel change, road in a MTB World Cup with a snapped saddle rail, completed numerous mtb laps with a stem that was jacked to the right along with other stuff that kept happening in AZ, must I go on? No, you get it but come on, give a girl a break. I have never just given up for the heck of it. I have had MANY opportunities to give up but try to make it a policy that the show must always go on (unless its completely out of the question obviously).

Anyway, I had fired off so many matches staying connected with the lead group at this one turn ever lap that I had no more matches to burn by the time I lost contact. Oh well, c'est la vie. There is nothing that I would have done different today either except not bobble. That was what killed me.

But I am happy to report that I got to the venue with 45 minutes to spare today unlike yesterday! When I learn a lesson I LEARN it well I guess.

Alison D, chatting with me during my warm up before the Short Track.

Jenna, my teammate leads Melanie, Lea (Trek), myself and Kelli (Giant) during the Short Track race today.

Leader Melanie, Jenna (SoBe-Cannondale), Lea, Kelli, me, Emily (SoBe-Cannondale) during the Short Track race.

CMag from SLC and Alex of Velo Bella were there to cheer everyone on including one of Alex's newest members to Velo Bella who decided to tell Alex on the line that she had never done a Short Track before! Yikes! So Alex gave her the quick 5 second run down of what to expect. There is a first time for everything for all of us!
Read more about the race here and see one more race pic here.

After the race I decided that I needed to see the dang water already since I had been in Monterey since Wednesday and all. Nice freakin house. I don't think they cycle for a living.

Great views

Chris in poison oak......oh...goodness I hope not! It is everywhere here though.

Chris kept telling me to back up....just a bit, just a little further. :)

Whipping winds gave me a pretty, in style hair-do.

Then we went to Trader Joes where we saw this car

so we put a $20 on the windshield. There went my podium $. Bride and groom were hanging in TJ's getting food in all their wedding attire. Funny.

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