Sunday, September 21, 2008

NACT #2 Rad Racing GP - Lakewood, WA

Kari S. some random chick and Shannon G.

Ok fine, we will act normal.

Amy D. killed it today; 3rd!

The way you dry your soaking wet shoes on the way to the next race:

I blew it today and not because of anything in particular. I felt like it was my race to lose and I did - big time. Got 12th which is quite unacceptable in my book. I know I know - give a girl making a comeback after surgery a break but I don't set low standards as you can see. I think one of the things that I was dealing with if I had to guess is that I haven't raced since my injury at the beginning of July.........that'd be 2.5 months (except for last night of course). I think my body was cool with ONE day of racing yesterday but then threw me to to wolves on day 2 because it was not happy with that idea. That is ok though because it will make for a stronger Sherwin later on in the cross season.

Nothing went wrong today except I didn't have that extra snap I was looking for that I usually have on day two of racing. Off the line I felt ok and really was only able to "just hold on" during the race. There were no surges or attacks by me. I was in survival mode most of the race.

And that run up about near killed me although I have been running a lot in training which has helped a ton. The run seemed shorter than in years past but still hurt like a mo - pho. Once at the top of that thing each time I think I almost died. FIVE times up that sucker during the race today. Wow. One thing for sure is that after that run up I am definitely going to think any other "long" run ups in other races are short now. Geez - loo - eeez.

At the top of the run up waiting....

Here they come!

Once again my family showed up but this time it was to watch the slaying of the Sherwin. It was great to have them there though anyway, hooting and hollering to get my rear in gear! I also had some other long time friends show up whom I hadn't seen in forever and there support was invaluable! Chris was there of course too serving as team pit manager for me.

Never trust Chris with a water bottle. Poor Mark having to run around the venue like that.

Dem are some tan lines!

Bart G killing it!

Lucky number

Bottom of the run up. Check out how loose it is. One step forward, half a step back.

Last lap boys!

I leave tomorrow in the am for home!!


Jennie said...

Seriously, were they really running up the whole thing? I would need a quick recovery snooze at the top.


Run, jog, slog, sprint, dash, scurry, hurry, rush, dart, plod, trudge, hike, trot... whatever you could do which didn't seem like much when I was going up it!