Saturday, October 17, 2009

Utah Cyclocross Race #3 - Heber, UT

Dayna was hot on my tail today!

It was so nice to race only 6 blocks from my house today! It got super warm too. So warm that I thought I was getting sunburned at one point. That is crazy at 5600 feet in October.

So today it was about goatheads. No, not goat heads...goatheads..little pointy thorny like deals that sit on the ground waiting to be picked up by the next $90 tubular tire. Nice. I think I could have set up a booth selling Stans Sealant and made some serious cash. But even though it was goathead fever, my rear tire decided to stick with picking up a tiny staple instead while I was warming up. For my warm up I was only getting 5 minutes out of it before I had to find a pump. Why didn't I get my other bike? Because poor Chris had been recruited by me to help help help with the goatheads that were in that bikes tires. What a cluster.

Once the race and I got going, I was a complete tool bag. I couldn't find my my technical abilities over the barriers and on the run up to save my life. Sometime I think that too much cyclocross practice during the week is not a good thing. I think I over did it quite frankly. And I think that because I was the same way during practice on Thursday (tired, stumbly, timing was off). Did I mention that I was a tool bag today?

I went to bed 2 hours early the night before the race and wasn't sure what to expect today from myself. I guess I should have seen the signs but they are signs that you just don't want to see the night before a race, you know!!?

Mount Heber

So tool bag and all, I somehow got out front right away and raced around the course running up "Mount Heber" (a large pile of dirt) and going over the barriers that were set right after a corner. I was able to somehow maintain my lead as I practiced my corners and other skills that seemed like they needed a brushing up on. Oh and I chose to have my chain drop too while I was at it.......and I have a single ring up front so whats up with that?! Like I said, nothing went too smooth today but I did take home the win and I am happy.

Sly was out there in full force handing out the cash but also sneezing away I would imagine too!

Race Video:

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