Saturday, June 9, 2007

Intermountain Cup #7 - Deer Valley Resort

Our local race began at the crack of 9am for us and I think I was still half asleep since that is usually the time I am just getting up. But today jamming the heart rate up to 180 plus was in order instead of pouring my coffee and easing in to the day slowly. Ugh.

It was cold too but it could have been colder. We lucked out with the weather today after what came our way over the week. Because it was around 40 degrees out when I was "warming up" I think I may have actually warmed down though. It was back to the Cyclocross type of weather, temperature wise but would slowly warm up over the next few hours.

The Pro Women had a good field size which was great to see. We started behind eighty or so Expert/Pro men which meant passing on singletrack whenever you got a chance whether you liked it or not and whether it was at a place you felt like putting in an effort or not. If you wanted to get anywhere you had to pass at inopportune times for your body by putting in higher efforts on what you already thought was a high effort. Oh yeah, the sweet thought of pain comes to mind. But that is racing and it will only help you in the long run....and I guess the short run too: After a very sluggish start, a solid pace and many short efforts later I came out with a win. I also met my silly sub 2 hour time goal by many minutes. A goal that I randomly got it stuck in my mind over the week that I wanted to achieve.

Next up is the Deer Valley National race this coming weekend. Home sweet home! If you want to come join the madness here is the schedule:

Saturday, June 16th
Cross Country Pro Women
Snow Park Lodge start
race time = 2 hours

Sunday, June 17th
Short Track Pro Women
Snow Park Lodge start
race time = 30 minutes

For more info go to Hope to see you there!

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