Saturday, October 24, 2009

Utah Cyclocross Race #4 - Draper, UT

Today was interesting. I felt like absolute junk. I hate to say that since I won but it is the truth. While warming up I kept lieing to myself trying to convince my head and body that I felt good. You know, those mind games you play? But they didn't work - I suffered.

Erika P. and Tiffany P. had rippen starts off the line which started the drag race up the pavement for poll position going into the more technical part of the course. My goal was to get in front before the technical section and I accomplished that. Then I accomplished maxing myself out enough to eat it in one of the singletrack u turns. I got up pronto and hopped back on my bike luckily still in the lead. Was feeling the love for whatever reason on the run up which was a great thing! Then proceeded to crash AGAIN on the next lap in some gravel. It amazes me how much you can fall all over the ground and get up MOST TIMES with only dust on your leg!

It was at that point that I started telling myself and admitting to myself that I was indeed TIRED and that I probably need to back it off some. But really.....try convincing any pro racer to back off. Yeah right.

As I went through the start/finish area for the 3rd time the announcers started talking about my mom and all that I have been through with losing her last month. They were saying that this was an important race and I am going for the win and doing this for mom today. And that was the only sign I slow down!!!!

What my mom would have wanted was to have me slow down and to just be careful. Anytime I ever called her after a race it wasn't to tell her that I won or lost it was to tell her I was ok..........and THEN to tell her how I did. She was always more concerned that I was having fun and in one piece over anything else.

And THAT was all the convincing I needed to back off today.

So I did back it off just a hair. Just enough to get me through the corners safely but to keep the pressure on for the rest of the 40 minute race. It was pretty obvious to me that I needed to back off anyway with the fatigue I was feeling but trying to convince myself of that was a joke, until the announcers chimed in that is. That was my sure sign.

It won't always work that way for me (slowing down) if I think of mom during a race because I have certainly gone harder just thinking about her. It will just depend on the situation during the race.

And, a big shout out to Karl at Revolution Mtn Sports who I cornered in the parking lot TWICE before my race because, first, I couldn't unscrew my tire valve (it was stuck shut with sealant) and then again to put on a chain guard. Both times he dropped everything to help me out even though he was getting ready for his own race. What a guy! I think I owe him more rice krispy treats!!

Jets raced across the sky several times during the men's race.

Resting up big time then off to the Boulder Cups in CO.

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