Saturday, June 6, 2009

Teva Mountain Games - Vail, CO

It is amazing what a month of bliss without parental issues and without your hubby needing surgery can do. I felt like me again today officially for the first time this year racing. Usually I have this feeling at the beginning of March but being that my life seemed to be continually getting curve balls thrown at it since last November, it certainly didn't work out that way this year. But I seem to feel good now finally.

Still not stellar fast but I am feeling good which is something I was waiting for this whole time. I knew I hadn't been feeling myself forever now and to come away with feeling the way I did during the race today made me happy no matter where I placed!! Just to have the oomph, the power and the desire to bury yourself to stay with a group or pass someone was all I was waiting for and its back.....finally!!

As for the race I got the hole shot today off the line which was great but what wasn't great was how the first lap was not as good for me as the last two. Odd because I had a good solid warm up. But that aside all went super well today on the dry course. I was able to not float too far back on that first lap and then make my way back towards the front on the next two. I was actually looking forward to the climbs! I am a crazy cat sometimes.

I had no idea that I had placed 6th place when it was all said and done. That was a nice surprise. I guess I was too busy trying to get back up to the front to even think about it. Ah yes, back to being me again!!

(left to right) Pua, Georgia, Katie, Judy, some chick

As for Heather Holmes race, she rocked it the whole time dealing with some mechanicals issues that are just part of bike racing. The thing was that she didn't quit even though the mechancials started only 10 minutes into the race!! She kept going and rolled across the finish line in 15th. Now that is some determination!

And, Amanda after putting in endless hours in the saddle in preparation for her 100 mile races coming up, still had enough steam to come away with a Top 15 result also.

As for the boys race, Andy S. decided that what I did last year was so cool that he would do it the EXACT spot I did. He picked up the one and only nail and flatted while duking it out up front. And, as another determined Kenda Tomac rider, he too, fixed the flat and carried on finishing the race out.

Colin decided that I wasn't going to be the only one to bring in 6th place so he rocked it hard and stayed on the heels of those boys up front and took that final podium spot also. Yes I said, final podium gotta love non sanctioned events because they did a podium and a great payout for Top 6. Cool beans.

Colin on the right with Sid, Adam, Sam and Todd

Vail Mountain Resort was pleasant today with mild temps.

Next up is lounging in Frisco until we head down to Colorado Springs later in the week.

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