Sunday, November 23, 2008

NACT #8 - Southampton, NY

After 11 hours of sleep which for me is unheard of after an intense race (usually am too wired to sleep) I woke up feeling a smidge better. Not superstar better but better.

It was a tad warmer today and there was less wind on the water as we drove to the course.

My warm up was good but off the line I was still sluggish. But unlike yesterday I was able to make some passes, hold onto wheels, attack and basically race instead of ride my bike in circles. Amazing what a wicked good nights sleep will do to a body that you hammer on every day. It was ok enough for 9th place today. I will need to be happy with the forward movement in the pack instead of any backward movement.

Amy was able to pull through a tough week or so to have a wicked good race today. She was able to hang on Georgia's wheel for a whole lap even! She totally rocked it today and came in 4th, which sealed her Overall Standing in the NACT Series in 2nd. I came in 5th Overall in the NACT Series despite some good times and some bad times over the course of the series.

I had some friends (Frank and Harriet) make the drive from Manhattan to watch the race too. It is so nice to have support like that on the far end of the country from where I live. They were happy to take a ton of pictures of the race as he is a professional photographer. Check out is insanely incredible work here.

Speaking of work, it was gonna take some serious WORK for Frank to put all this down at the Southampton pizza parlor afterwards.

I don't know....somehow when we weren't looking he ordered like 3 or 4 meals for himself! It was dang funny to see all his plates of salad, pasta, chicken, bread, pizza lined up in front of him.

He barely got through anything either but he has meals for the whole next week now, that is for sure!

Next up for moi??? HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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