Sunday, July 19, 2009

US MTB Nationals STXC - Granby, CO

Today started out pretty interesting. Mary M. our fellow competitor and US Olympian for mountain biking asked me how I was an hour before the race and I started crying. Not great when you are trying to warm up right? But where did that come from because I wasn't feeling anything that I was aware of?! But I know where it came from - Mary has met my dad before and that coupled with the fact she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet, did it. I got my s*** together quickly though because I didn't want to bring her down too!!!! She was wonderful about the situation and told me to race for my dad. Well since I have been either "racing" for my mom or my dad for each race I have done since December I decided to actually race for ME. How about that concept!?

I have never seen a short track like this before. You could have called it a mini cross country race with all the climbing and the length of it! When I was pre-riding you went up one hill to where it "flattened" and you thought, its going to go down from there but it went up even more on another climb that was just as long as the first! Then at the top of that was a false flat that was like a bumpy cow trail just to top off any suffering you may be enduring at the moment. From there it rapidly descended to the start/finish area with just a few grassy turns to slow you down some. Normally in an Short Track race you are crushing things in your bigger rings and there might be one really short, steep climb but not today!

Well, at least I got a good call up and a good start. But I think I was pedaling backwards the whole time. Who knew I was suppose to go forward in these races? Well at least I did a smidgen better today than yesterday but I am still not psyched.

I did feel so lucky though to have a friend from Steamboat who I hadn't seen in 8 years come out to watch and cheer. To have her there meant so much. I needed to see a happy, fun and excited person especially after breaking down once already today. It just took me away from all my problems because I couldn't let it all hang out when I saw her. It was perfect and it was so great to see her!!!! Life on the road does have its advantages of seeing people you may never see otherwise!

A sunset view from the condo in Granby

After the race we all headed back to our respective homes in various states (CO, UT, WY and MO). I think we all got home except for Heather. Her car broke down in Steamboat! She ended up having to stay there a few days getting her car worked on. In the meantime she was seen around the local area in her skinsuit looking for water holes. Only Heather I tell you!!! : )

I drove the young Rob Squire home (he placed 2nd in the U23 category right behind my teammate Colin!!!) with hard working, Chris Magerl, our team mechanic. The only carnage we saw was a little chipmunk playing Frogger in the cars. Let's say, he did not win and all you could hear in our car at that moment was "OOOOOOHHHH!!!!"

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