Sunday, July 26, 2009

Feet R Up and the TV's on

This has been an interesting and enlightening week.

Looks like I am on bed rest for a while - nope not pregnant, but over trained. That sucks bad but all signs are pointing to just that given what I have been doing for training in addition to all the family stuff I have had on my shoulders all year. The thing is that I am doing no more or less than last year training wise but all the emotional strain has put me over the edge. I knew this may happen and I was really careful too about all of it - just not careful enough. Guess I should feel lucky to have made it until the end of July at the rate I was going.

But between a high resting rate, not sleeping, hard core napping and the fact that I haven't seen my race pace heart rate since the first of July (in neither races nor training), are all sure signs among others that it is time to reanalyze. The weird thing is that even when I got word to STOP training, I was still looking forward to my upcoming workouts to improve my fitness! So I suppose since I still wanted to work on the bike and still wanted to ride that we caught this before it got too bad.

I think this will be a superior thing for the upcoming cross season. As for the rest of the season.....we will just have to see and will have to roll with the punches. Not much I can do right now to change things except rest up.

When I was riding my bike earlier this week, I flew past this cute little Rock Chuck that are starting to appear all around Heber

Here is an up close picture of one since you really can't see the one above all too well.

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