Saturday, June 5, 2010

Teva Mtn Games - Vail, CO

Been enjoying some time at our new house now that we are not on the road a whole ton. We have these "meese" that keep appearing by the house too! Mom and her two babies. The babies are no bigger than your average dog. One was running around mom, bounding around and the other was sticking RIGHT by moms side. SO CUTE!!

Just mom moose

Mom and one baby

The week cont'd to be good. It is always nice to get fun surprises in the mail!!

And then there was .................RACE DAY

Like I said, it was a great week, had a great race on Monday where I felt like myself again for the first time in a year or so and I was really looking forward to racing at the Teva Games. That was........until I got to the very first corner of the race. I thought I was gonna die. Weirdest feeling ever came over me as I pushed into my race zone.

The women's start

Every fiber in my body was telling me to stop as I cont'd to force the effort into the pedals. I couldn't believe what was happening! I had to play mental games like nobodies business as I forced myself through the next 2 laps of a 3 lap mountainous race. It was excruciating really. I kept asking myself how I was going to actually finish the race when my body clearly wanted me to stop. But its not in me to stop. Not part of my stubborn DNA. I had to keep moving forward the best I could although it felt like each pedal stroke was getting me nowhere. I felt just terrible. I was searching for someone by the name of Kathy inside what seemed to be empty shell for those first 2 laps. I suffered like a dog and I couldn't tell you why.

After sticking it out I finally found myself somewhat on the 3rd lap...but little too late. I was miraculously in 10th and attacked hard for 9th on one of the last hills. The attack didn't stick but at least I had come around back to my old race Kathy!! Better late than never. It is races such as this that make other race days seem like a cakewalk. Hopefully I have now gotten that one race that I always have every year like this, out of the way.

I ran into the Mafia Baseball Team before my race!!

The Teva Games has all kinds of things going on!

Flipping on the rope - seriously?! Wow!

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