Sunday, June 17, 2007

NMBS #4 - Deer Valley Short Track

Holy lord was the Short Track hard for me today!! I still got 7th but after a peddle bumble at the start I was playing make up from the get go. Darn it!! Sucks when stuff like that happens and you know you have good form. And on this course in particular that peddle issue mattered because this STXC was more like a Time Trial with not a plethora of room for passing. I made some good passes but just wasn’t recovering on the DH at all which sent me so past the point of sheer and utter pain. The pain was so bad at one point that I looked down at my watch and it only said “7 minutes” (into a 25 minute race that wasn’t going to get any easier). Oh boy – this was suffering at its finest. I was on the rivet the entire time. One more surge and I was going to blow. I could feel it. I have blown once in my racing career and I now know the symptoms all too well from my body (nausea, tunnel vision, cold sweats,) so once I get right on the edge of feeling those I know that is all the body can and will do. So I just simply stayed on it hoping someone else may crack, maybe drop a chain, or bobble. But no such luck. 7th was going to be where I finished and I will always happily take a Top 10!!!

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