Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pro XC Tour #5 - Mount Snow, VT STXC

Wow short track sure does hurt when you haven't been doing high end training. How fast you lose it!! I was lucky to have finished 12th today I think. But once again I felt good today despite lack of fitness, had a good start and suffered like a dog throughout the race. The climb was longer than normal (see a trend here?), the day was a little more humid but things were dry for the most part. It was a solid day but I am capable of way more and look forward to being able to produce the results again as my fitness comes along from the time off I took a few weeks ago.

There to watch the sufferfest and to cheer for me was Laura Wesson. She used to work at Deer Valley in the kitchen forever and ever. She lives in Vermont now and came down to watch the carnage and catch up.

She is one of the sweetest people I know and she and I have a lot of very similar things going on in our lives with sick parents. We had A LOT to talk about.

That evening the team had a nice dinner at home made by Andy and Sam Schultz, cooks extraordinaire.

Off to Windham, NY tomorrow.

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