Sunday, August 12, 2007

NMBS #6 - STXC Snowmass, CO

Pain, suffering, wondering why I am not up front, sweat dripping off my nose, fire in my legs, ribs hurting with each deep breath, not recovering in the 10 second downhill section, missing my peddle more than once right at the start. See the peddle mishap for yourself in this video as I get swallowed by the field-I am on the viewers front left.....

What happened to me today? I don't know but I do in fact care. I was a mess today. Off season starts tomorrow for me and I must need it based on what is going on because I think my body is half surviving right now. My ribs hurt again today and I am thinking that its from the abuse of XC race the day before......its the only thing that makes sense since I had no pain yesterday. I guess the NO SLEEP from Friday night doesn't help either but whatever, I should be able to work through that.

I need to heal up and stop this madness that I am putting my body through. The doc said that with every race I did I prolonged the already 12 week process of healing up (June 23 was the magical day that changed the rest of my season).

Its hard knowing how hard you worked to get where you are only to have an injury caused by your own selfish act of wanting to pass someone during a race change everything. I have worked my tail off ever since ever and I get to the peak of my career (Deer Valley) and get on the podium and one week later (World Cup) undo everything I worked for it seems a crash. Its a tough spot to be in but now I just need to develop that side of my mental racing skills. Really what I need to do now is get healed up completely instead of partially and I can do that starting tomorrow.

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