Sunday, May 31, 2009

US Pro XCT #3 - Birmingham, AL

The course was at Oak Mountain State Park which is well known for great singletrack and it did not disappoint! As you drove into the park there was a very green golf course to enjoy some swings on and there were places to rent paddle boats too. The course was near a lake where plenty of people were enjoying what was to be a great weekend with low humidity and nice temps. Picnicking was what the doctor ordered apparently for all of Birmingham on this hot weekend. Glistening in the heat on race day.

The Lake

The golf course

The course itself only had about 500 feet elevation gain per lap but it was a turny 500 feet! You weren't going more than 7-10 seconds in a straight line the entire time....that is unless you were on the pavement which the course had plenty of too. It was a good mix of pavement ascents and descents along with the wicked fun singletrack that would make anyone happy. Everything was super dry and there were plenty of roots and rocks to go around.

One of the more technical ascents

And there were fast parts too!

But the fast parts were faster than me. I came in 9th which is a step in the right direction but I still want more. For now I need to be happy with a Top 10 placing.

Here is the reason I race. Check out the endorphin high I have right after finishing....

And the Women's race:

Got the hole shot but not for long. Watch that red jersey of mine get swallowed up!

What a fantastic race weekend. I sure hope we come back here because I will be back in a flash!

Thanks again to my wonderful and extremely enthusiastic hosts, Ken and Linda!

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