Friday, June 5, 2009

UT to CO

On Monday I packed my bike up in Alabama readying it for a flight home. I was outside in the sun doing this and the sweat was literally dripping off my nose. Perhaps it was the humidity or perhaps it was my body trying to digest the steak I ate last night at Ken and Linda's.

Oh yeah......

Then home for 2 whole entire days and off to the Teva Games in Vail, CO with Heather Holmes, my teammate. It's not a bad drive out there - about 7 hours. Got a good pre-ride in and things are looking quite the same as in years past. About 1100 feet of climbing per lap at Vail Resort and women are doing 3 laps. Fire road and singletrack climbing and a more rooty and semi technical singletrack descent.

Ran into Erika Powers from the big Salt Lake out there too pre-riding the course. It is great to see our local talent branching out!

The ground was mostly dry but I would say it is just slightly more than tacky right now. If it rains tonight we will be tire changing it up tomorrow! The parts that weren't mostly dry were pretty darn slimy. Those were only on the uphills but it seemed to be bypassed pretty easily as you could see the "dry" lines people were taking on the side of the ski slope in the grass.

We are back at our team Camp Colin in Frisco now where we will be until next Thursday when we head down to the next national race in Colorado Springs.

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