Friday, April 13, 2007

Sea Otter TT - Tied for 10th

Today we had the Time Trial at the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, CA. The course was the exact same as last year except for that there was not a speck of mud to be found. Instead there were only deep dry ruts that were as tough as cement and completely unavoidable. Just point, go and hope. That is what I did and I was able to ride a clean race to tie for 10th along with Lene Byberg from Norway.

When a race is so short like today (4 entire minutes) every little last thing matters and can therefore help or hinder your final time so it can be fairly nerve racking. You also have to prepare for a 4 minute race the same way you would for a 3 hour race. And then you get done and think "that is it?...I was just getting started!" Well, I guess I will have THAT chance on Sunday during the 3 hour "ish" cross country race. Tomorrow is the Short Track and it is supposed to rain. We shall see.

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