Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sea Otter Super D - Congrats Chris!

Congrats to my husband Chris on his 3rd place in the Super D in the Open Men category at Sea Otter. Not only does Chris support me in every single way with my cycling and racing, but he gets out there and races too. The Super D (descent) has turned into his favorite event and is suited to him perfectly with it being 80% downhill and 20% uphill. Great for those that have a endurance background and rippen’ DH skills. These races are anywhere from 10 minutes to 35 minutes in length depending on the terrain. And the downhill in them isn’t super gnarly stuff like drop offs, ruts and rock gardens although it may contain those things on a minor scale still making it quite challenging.

Chris came in 3rd out of about 40-50 guys and prepared for his race like this:

Tues-Work at Deer Valley Resort then drive to Reno (7 hours away)
Wed- Drive from Reno to Monterey (5 hours) and pre-ride the Sea Otter XC course with me for 2 hours upon arrival.
Thursday- Super D Race Day. Get up and go to the venue, pre-ride the course a half an hour before race start and then hit it.

How did he do it all and still come in third? Well pretty much because he knows how to hammer himself into the ground in every single way every single day. I am proud of him!

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