Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pro XCT Short Track - Windham, NY

(Zephanie, Heather, some chick)

And yet another day where my head was faster than my legs. What do I mean? I know where I should be in the pack and have total confidence when I am there BUT with my emotional beat downs all seasons long, my fitness just isn't quite there to make that happen. What a weird problem to have eh? Usually it is the other way around where you have the ability to be up front but freak out when you are up there. Man, this year has been a bear for me!!

I actually had a really super great start and lasted a few laps at the leaders pace but after that it was off the back for me. It was as though I hit a wall. And when I hit that wall, I couldn't help but notice the thick humid air that was pounding down on my back while trying to survive the rest of the 20 minute race. It really took everything I had to will the thoughts away of how dang hot and humid it was at that time!

Heather had a solid weekend.

The start of the last race of my mtb season.

Cmag (team mechanic/manager) making sure all is well with me before the start. Cmag is so great!

Zephanie had a great day today!

After the race we did a little of this.

Zeph's bike box is pretty much ready to be recycled as it is barely held together with tape.

And Heather and Colin did a little of that.
You are never too old for floaty toys!

Then to celebrate we went to the local Salami Shop as we were calling it and got cheese, prosciutto, some flat bread, wine and fresh local veggies.

Chris opted for a fresh jar of honey.

And with that the mountain bike season is DONE. Onto racing cyclocross next..........after some much much needed rest and emotional recovery time for me that is.

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