Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tour of Utah Stage 5-Park City to Snowbird

Chris and I decided to watch the riders descend down 32 from Kamas and cross US 40 as they ripped toward the feed zone that was by the Dutch Hollow Trail system in Heber.

Here are the leaders.

Last year they were all in a massive group and the speed at which they went through the intersection was beyond nuts. That also allowed for the cars that were being forced to stop and wait to go through the light to not have to wait that long.

Not this year though. There was a 3 minute gap to the leaders. This is the chase.

And some cars started honking because they were having to wait this whole time on US 40. Clearly they did not understand that there were about 100 more riders that still had to cross the intersection and that the race wasn't over just because 2 tiny groups already went through. Aye-yie yie.

The peloton rolls through.

More people were certainly out this year to watch the race in Heber which was cool to see it catching on. Met Tom Zirbel's aunt who was out from WY to watch him win yesterdays stage. Talked to some other people too who had no idea what a feed zone was which I always laugh at because that is everyday terminology for us silly cyclists. But.......NO...they don't all sit down and have brunch in the feed zone for an hour. I love it!!! Too funny.

After everyone whizzed by, Chris and I made a bee line in our car to make it over to the other tippy end of the valley to watch the riders make their way down Provo Canyon. And they were flying so fast that we barely barely barely made it in time, even knowing all the back roads short cuts!! Amazing.

And following those guys was the caravan......
For some reason I just love the caravan and took shot

after shot

after shot

of silly team cars going by.

I think I must be a sucker for all the bright colors. Go figure.

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