Sunday, July 29, 2007

NMBS #5 - STXC Sugar Mountain, NC

I had plenty of projects to keep me going this morning while we waited for our race time. I needed to toothbrush my bike to get all the mud off it, change a tire and level my seat and put it back in its original position. This is all just part of the gig when you are doing things on your own though. No biggie. As it turns out the seat had migrated 3.5 cm forward before I tightened the bolts on the clamps yesterday during the race. Oh well, I am not going to carry a tape measure with me too.

I got clobbered during the race today. I was sucking so much wind I am surprised you all didn't hear it from Utah. For me today there was no doing hard efforts on top of hard efforts which would put me where I needed to be. I was pinned and suffering bad. Can't tell you what happened.

It seems like the results these past few weekends (mine included) have been weird. I mean I realize I still have this rib thing going on (although things are getting better finally as of this week) but for other people I think there is some of end of the season fever going around, people peaking late, people not peaking late (I will raise my hand on this one), people just OVER it and people just getting the fire lit underneath. That makes for interesting results I guess.

I don't want the season to be over yet - it is too soon! I love racing and I am still having fun despite what has been the biggest year for me with the huge highs (getting on the podium for Short Track and Cross Country!!!!) and major lows (displacing my whole right rib cage last month) . On that note, I am starting to sleep again without pain as of about a week ago. That is a sweet thing.

We got together with some Kenda XFusion ers this evening, sat back and relaxed which after cleaning your bike 18 times in the last 5 days we all really needed to do:

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