Saturday, July 14, 2007

Intermountain Cup #10 - Snowbird, UT

I just had to ask "What's next?" when I wrote that title for Thursday's entry, didn't I? Well I shouldn't have asked dang it.

First off and most importantly I need to thank the Bingham Boys for spending half a work day with me. I am sure they were wondering when and if I was going to EVER leave on Friday the 13th (which I made real for them I think). They were busy getting me set up on my spare Titus Eleven Exogrid that I was racing the next day at Snowbird by cutting bars, raising the bar height, changing stems, changing grips, putting disks on, putting chains on, making sure it was shifting. Oh my gosh it was a lot for those poor boys. Thanks again you guys!!

On to the the race at Snowbird:

It was a sunny blue, hot as heck day at The Bird. We had to do 4 short laps of 800 feet of elevation gain per lap. The "gun" goes off and 3 minutes into the race I slash the sidewall on the rear of my beloved Kenda Small Blocks. Stans NoTubes wasn't saving that one for me because I went from 30 psi to 0 psi in about 2 seconds and had an inch slice in the tire. Dang it!! So the Pro field passes me completely as I had to turn around and head down the rocky course to the start/finish area.

That is where my hubby Chris (who didn't race today), was set up with an extra set of wheels that were ready to rumble. Heck yah, that is my boy!! Ready for anything even though someone harassed him before the race for being so prepared. Sidenote: for those that don't seem to understand being prepared for anything that may occur in a race: When THIS is what you do so THAT is what you do. Nuf said.

I got the rear wheel on and got back in the game and was of course in last place by a long shot but had four laps to pick off some peeps which I accomplished and ended up with a win. Of course the win wasn't without further ado because on the second lap I lost one of my water bottles probably right after I got it. Luckily I was prepared and had an extra gel pack (which I always have in case I drop one, the race goes longer than expected, etc). Nothing like taking that without liquid too. Ugh. I really wasn't too worried this time about dropping the bottle because the race was short and so were the laps. And luckily enough it all worked out in the end.

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Anonymous said...

Very impressive, not only did you win, you didn't throw a temper tantrum when you raced back to Chris for the wheel! Though it would have definitely been more entertaining if you had thrown your bike at him and stomped off!