Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Off To Boston.....Again

I am headed to the MTB National Championships in Vermont that are over the weekend. I got super lucky with a nice United ticket agent in Salt Lake City too. She not only gave my bag a “priority pass” which I had no idea even existed, she gave me a seat upgrade for more legroom that I didn’t even ask for.

Although flights were late out of SLC to Denver everything fell into place by the time I landed in Boston 15 minutes ahead of schedule. And to make things better I walked off the plane and there was my bag waiting for me. Next up, call Sara and tell her “I am baaaaAck”. BTW- have you ever been the VERY first one off the plane? It’s weird because suddenly you are in charge of everyone trying to find Baggage Claim because they are all following YOU. I wasn’t sure I could handle the pressure because I didn’t know where the heck I was going but it all worked out. :)

It was nice that I only had one bag to claim in Boston too. I did not have to fly with a bike or much stuff because I just left the majority of it in including my Eleven at Sara’s house when I left only 2 weeks ago from there for SLC. I will expect a storage fee bill in the mail shortly from her.
:) It will only be paid for if I find that my bike has NOT been tampered with. All I will say is that there were threats.

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