Wednesday, July 18, 2007

In the Car...Again

Sara has come up with the best term ever. She calls it (sorry I am going to cuss here people), the “Shit Shuffle” (SS). The definition of shit shuffling is unpacking, repacking, sorting, going through stuff, pulling things out, putting them back in, organizing, arranging, etc. The “SS” is what we did all morning long in preparation for leaving for the 2 hour drive to Mount Snow, VT from Boston for the MTB National Championships.

The drive was something from out of Gorilla’s in the Mist as we made our way through the Vermont countryside past cute countryside stores and covered bridges, in the rain and low clouds.

We got here and onto the course just in time for the biggest shower of the day (of course). I got absolutely “nuked on” as I liked to say. Wet and muddy all the way up the mountain and then all the way back down the mountain. I am getting used to this at this point and honestly don’t expect anything different from the East. You just have to hone in your slick roots skills combined with unstable mud skills pretty quickly. And actually, riding is the easiest part. It’s after that that SUCKS……….clean the bike, get home caked in mud and cold, strip almost everything off before you step one muddy foot in the house, take a shower, start laundry, clean the bathtub that you just destroyed, stuff newspaper into your shoes (why does that work anyways?), put laundry into dryer and in between all this…..have a recovery drink, get warm, stretch, make and eat something. Whew. I will call it a day with that!

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Mother Theresa said...

You're looking trendy with the black legs. Mudbaths are very fashionable these days and quite expensive! Soak up the moisture while you can, it's sooooo dry here!