Saturday, June 7, 2008

Teva Mtn Games XC - Vail, CO

My different shifters for front and rear.

A saw a little bit of Vail as I made my way to the grocery store to get soup. I need sodium BAD after the race!!!!!!!

Oh yeah. The race..........I was bouncing around in the top 5 or 6 and then picked up the one and only piece of metal out there on the dh in the first lap and ripped my tire. Here she is:
Stans wasn't saving that puppy. Had to run it in and then rigormortis set in while getting a wheel change because it also required shim changes - $%#$%^&*!!


So after my nap, I got back on the bike and finally got the bod going again about halfway up the climb on the second lap. I was able to pick through 3-5 women each lap after that. Landed in 11th or so. Felt like barfing the whole race too which was sweet.

Lots more dumb stuff to tell like that barfing comment but I gotta go to sleep now.

Road Hill Climb tomorrow. I think its raining right now too. GREAT maybe I can get soaked yet again head to too. Why not go for 3 days in a week?


Anonymous said...

My understanding is you're doing it right if you feel like barfing!


Isn't that the god honest truth!? Ugh!

FoF said...

Different shifters front and rear? What's next? Riding clipless pedals with regular hiking shoes...?

Master THAT art and then you will be ready for the bigtime young Grasshopper.