Saturday, November 17, 2007

USGPCX #3 - Trenton, NJ

Ouch, 17th place today. Power and tactics were huge today because the course was not technical at all. I got the first but am still learning and getting somewhat better with each race at the second.

I started 35th (ouch, again) and had a great and strong start getting up to 11th ish by the second or third turn and held on to it for a while until I got passed by a gal or two within the next few laps (dang darn it!!). At that point things split up bad and I found myself with a group of girls (14th - 17th) for the rest of the race creating a race within a race. Again, I tried to play my cards correctly and drafted, attacked tons and tried not to let others draft me too much but in the end the other 3 women were able to excel just a tiny bit better in the sand pit to get just enough of a gap to leave me in the dust and cross the line seconds in front of me.

I am not down on the way I felt, my power, my aggressiveness, my ability to suffer, my determination or my energy levels during the race but unfortunately the others had more of each of those today. But lord it was FUN!!! Maybe tomorrow!


Jennie said...

Nice riding! I jumped on for a ride to bonkville Saturday and am paying for it still. Apparently your supposed to eat breakfast before a cross race.
Have fun in Dirty Jersey!

Kathy Sherwin said...

Too funny. Trust me, the learning NEVER ends in this sport.