Friday, November 16, 2007

New Jersey Race Course

Got up, built our bikes.

Oh yeah, when I got my bike last night at the airport the case was blown open and I could see right into it, bike and all. The case had cracked somehow on the outside and all the buckles except one were open. I had to file a report and cross my fingers that nothing was wrong with the bike once built. I didn't lose a thing if you can believe that. I thought for sure that the Four Ti Crank Brothers pedals among other parts and stuff I put in the box would be long gone but they weren't!!

We then headed to the cross course at Mercer County Park to pre-ride. In the park:

The course? Flat, mostly grass, lots of turns, not technical at all, bits of pavement, fast, dry, one LONG LONG LONG LONG sandpit and one "fly-over" just like the green monster in Kentucky. Other than that and the barriers, of course, it is pretty straight forward.

Here is the first part of the sandpit from a distance:

Here it is from the corner fence looking Left and one of the thins of Utah I believe:

Looking Right:

It is long!!!

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