Thursday, November 15, 2007

USGPCX Weather

Will we get real CX weather for the race in Trenton, NJ?

sent this morning..........

-----Original Message-----
From: Orbitz Traveler Care
Sent: Thursday, November 15, 2007
Subject: Orbitz Travel Brief Update

Low clouds, wind and rain are combining to limit the number of aircraft that
can land hourly at Philadelphia Airport. Passengers arriving throughout the
day may encounter delays averaging one hour. This does not change your
scheduled check-in time. Thank you for booking with us and have a good

Oh ya......and if I have to hear the recorded lady say "Caution, the Moving Walkway is Ending" one more time while I am waiting for my next flight to Philly right now I may scream. It goes off every five seconds. Ack!! The people around me are in agreement too.

Also, there is a lady who is being paged for in this way "will (first name, last name) please come to gate (#). Your husband is looking for you and you are going to miss your flight, this is the final call." Can you say fight in the airport? I bet she high tailed it out the doors- Oh man. Every time they announce it people are laughing. Everyone knows whats up. I think someone is in a little bit of trouble.

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