Sunday, November 16, 2008

USGPCX #4 - Trenton, NJ

Todays race ended with both good news and bad news. The good news was that I felt like myself today. The bad news was that I couldn't hold a line to save my life.

The mud was almost the same, maybe a bit runnier but not much. They even shortened the course eliminating some of the running but we still only did 3 laps total. And we still had to take a bike change every half lap if we were lucky enough to have someone working their tails off for us in the pits....which Velo Bella did yet again. Thank heavens for our willing team mechanic and crew!!! Amazing amazing amazing! They were so wonderful!!

Ok, so yeah, I had a few mishaps here and there like the time I ran through the pits and dropped the new bike that was given to me and the other time that I couldn't figure out I was supposed to immediately throw my bike on my shoulder instead of run with it. Ah well, those were just two mistakes out of many like drifting into course tape, hitting the course posts, crashing, falling over, almost colliding with other riders, missing the saddle on a remount on the green monster as my front wheel started to dip over the edge (scary!!), getting taped wrapped all around my handlebars, etc. I was a complete mess today.

In all, todays race was one where you were beaten by the person who made less mistakes than you and that accounted for the 13 others that placed ahead of me today who were clearly way more on top of their game than I was.

I ran into some Utahan's too......

Peterson's- note the muddy pants from working the pits

And one even from Heber! Jon G with his Sports Base Events trailer:

And remember Thomas Spannring?? Another ole Heber-ite that now lives in Jersey was there working.

A view from the course over the water that normally packs a wicked cold wind punch.

On our way out and onto Gettysburg, PA we had a beautiful sunset.

Amy and I will be hunkering down in good old historic land of Gettysburg for the week and then heading to the Southamptons race with Morgan and crew.

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