Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gettysburg, PA

Talk about being in a place with a lot of history! Amy and I couldn't even go 10 minutes on our bike before running into a Civil War hospital that was still standing like this one:

Or this one. All fresh from 1863.

Placard's, memorials, plaques, signs, markers inundate this place around EVERY corner. Huge open battlefields, artillery and weapons are all a very common sights around here as well. Kinda weird to be riding your bike right by old cannons in someones yard.

Open land is quite common here. It isn't farm land, it is open battlefield land we are assuming. We are hoping to maybe get out on a tour of some sort this week to get some answers. There are plenty of tours to choose from that is for sure!

They even have homes still standing with gun shots and marks in them! Unbelievable this place is.

Word is too that Gettysburg is a very haunted place having lost some 51,000 lives on this land in the 3 day Battle of Gettysburg.

Weird to think too that Abraham Lincoln was wandering these parts while preparing a pretty important address! "Four score and seven years ago our fathers".....told us to go to bed.

Good night.

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